Class Schedule

What to Expect in Your Workout!



9:00am class


10:00am - Noon open gym

-All class workouts are 45-65 minutes, instructed by

a coach & will consist of the following:

>Warm-up: Increasing heart rate & blood flow

to prepare for the day's movements & keep the body injury-free.

>Strength/Skill: Weightlifting or a gymnastics skill

movement. ALL of these movements are scalable for

each individual's personal needs.

>Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning): Time-oriented,

work-oriented, or interval-style workouts. Combines

weightlifting, gymnastics, & cardio based movements.

ALL movements are scalable for each individual's workout. 


5:30am class

6:30am class

9:30am class


4:00pm open gym

5:00pm class

6:00pm class