Our Foundations

We will work with each of our members through our community class and open gym setting to help you reach your own personal goals no matter what they are. We value each member as a member of our community equally and know that we are only as good and strong as our surroundings. So lets all work together to attain that life-changing, healthy, and fun lifestyle each & everyone of us has the potential to have.  

Our message to those who are interested in trying CrossFit, is every individual has their own level of that last word, “intensity.” Your intensity levels are yours, and yours only. We will help you become your best one workout at a time. We believe that everyone has to start somewhere, and there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, even the best in any sport had to start somewhere.

In our group classes, we will use CrossFit methodologies performing “constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.” We understand that CrossFit is known as an "extreme" workout and can be intimidating. All CrossFit workouts and movements are scalable for your need. Your movements will be scaled not by kind, but by degree.

CrossFit Melior was founded on the premise of sharing the life changing experience that CrossFit has provided. We can completely understand that entering a CrossFit box can be a very intimidating experience. Our promise to anyone who walks through our doors is to create the most welcoming and encouraging environment. 

CrossFit Melior - "Melior", Latin for “better - is a CrossFit affiliate located in Highland, MI. Our goal is to bring overall fitness, health, & wellness to Highland, Milford, White Lake, Hartland, Commerce, and all other surrounding communities, for any skill level. Our goal is your goal, if you step foot in our facility, our priority is YOU. Helping you become the best of your abilities, leaving the gym BETTER than when you walked in each and every day.